Sycamore Hill Capital Group

Equity Capital for Mid-Size Companies
If you are looking for equity capital for your business, we want to make you aware of the capability of our firm, Sycamore Hill Capital Group. We are a private investment firm located in San Francisco and Los Angeles which makes equity and quasi-equity investments in privately held companies.

Investment Criteria
We are particularly interested in situations in which businesses need capital for the following reasons:

to expand or to acquire a company in the same or related business
where managers need an equity partner to acquire their own company
or the owners are retiring or seek liquidity and wish to sell all or a substantial part of their business.

We seek candidates for investment that meet the following criteria:

companies with at least three years of operating history
with an identifiable market niche
experienced management
with products or services that are not subject to rapid technological change.

Our investments will range from $1 million to $10 million. Our primary focus is on companies located in California and the West with revenues of $10 million to $100 million.

Our Approach
Our approach to investments is flexible and we are capable of structuring transactions in the format that best accomplishes all parties’ overall objectives. These formats include, among others, common stock, preferred stock, and subordinated debt with warrants. Sycamore Hill’s approach to the businesses in which it invests is to support management in accomplishing an agreed upon strategic plan, provide financial, strategic and operating expertise where it is needed, and to work constructively toward mutual goals. We will consider minority or majority interests as the situation requires.